Your adornment must not be merely external--braiding the hair, and wearing gold jewelry, or putting on dresses; but let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God. 1 Peter 3:3-4 NIV

Saturday, September 4, 2010

What I'm actually up to! :)

I'm about to begin my second year program! Specialized training and mentoring will be available to me for specific areas of ministerial calling. I feel called to explore further training in inner healing and deliverance, kingdom creativity in fashion and media--redeeming fashion, arts and media, pastoring, coaching and preaching.  The format will be hands-on and application intensive and includes periodic travel as I participate with ministry teams throughout the region and nation. I will demonstrate signs and wonders, train the local congregation in supernatural ministry and take them into their community to do treasure hunts (i.e. these are prophetic spontaneous encounters where Believers look for hidden treasure in the hearts of the folks of their city).

The academic instruction at BSSM is unique because it is taught by apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers - not by professors or theologians. This gives the teaching a kind of living perspective with five-fold distinctions. BSSM has many powerful guest speakers throughout the year but the primary teaching is accomplished through our twenty-two staff members.
I receive a great deal of historic commentary and insight into the scriptures but I'm also immersed in a revelatory culture where the Holy Spirit becomes the chief instructor. He causes His Kingdom to come alive through the pages of the Bible.

This year is a real catalyst for taking tangible steps towards my personal dreams. For example, I've begun the process of starting my own business, Sparrow Image Consulting. The Lord wants us to be adorned not only with external things but with your SPIRIT. I'm joining the Lord's call for his children to reflect Him and the uniqueness of their spirits. Who's artistic expressions carry His presence and change the world around them. I want to strip off the lies of how we perceive ourselves and pull forth the truth of being created in his image. Wounds, pain, lies and opinions from the world should not dictate what we reflect. I want to see you whole and healthy. I want to talk with you about how you perceive yourself and why. How have you arrived at what you reflect. It's time to show your 'hidden person of the heart'! I am passionate about transformation and seeing people walk in their true identities. As your consultant I will make style and clothing suggestions to transform your outward appearance based on what your spirit should reflect. The experience is a unique blend of inner healing and fashion. Beauty is a spiritual gift. The enemy has used beauty as a tool of manipulation. Beauty has been distorted. Women and men of integrity have lost the influence they are called to have in everyday life, jobs, media, fashion and the arts. Its time to claim back the beauty of the Lord and INFLUENCE the influential.

Through this concept, I hope to use my time and resources this year to develop a curriculum that can be taught in schools and/or conferences. I've met with Bethel staff and have their support in this. There are exciting opportunities ahead!!!

I will  take the skills and core values I've learned in First Year and begin to develop my own ministry. I will choose a revival and a revivalist from history and investigate them with a view to forging similar dynamics in my own life. I will also learn leadership principles to gain understanding on how to lead people and establish the Kingdom in every realm of society.

In the past year, my passion has grown for coaching others as well. This year, I was chosen to be a student developer. A Student Developer is responsible for developing others in areas that they are motivated to change.  This is done through strategically challenging them to take steps towards their destiny or set goals to gain breakthrough. I will learn more about becoming an empowering leader. It is important for any great leader to empower those around them.

I've also been chosen to work with CareNet. CareNet is a faith based, pro-life, non-profit organization practically serving people in the community with specific needs regarding pregnancy tests, STD/HIV tests, sonograms, parenting classes, baby clothes, post-abortion counseling, etc. This would entail interacting with various walk-in clients regarding different resources of the center, meeting one on one with clients, mentoring, follow up interaction, etc.  It is an incredible opportunity to partner with Holy Spirit and speak to clients about their sexuality, life experiences and begin the process of healing.

'I've also begun to paint prophetically. Since we were formed in the likeness of God, who's very nature is creative and artistic, it follows that we too have that same bent.

Genesis spells it out to us clearly: Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

We were fashioned after the image of one who is ultra creative, meaning that our creative potential is unlimited.

Sadly though, it is common for man to shut down this creative well and never ever tap into it or release it.

In this last year attending Bethel School of Ministry, I've learned that I am an artist. I've started to re-dig the wells of my God breathed and inspired creativity to collaborate with Holy Spirit to capture pictures that affect the atmosphere around me and cause others to come into an encounter with Jesus.'

I've hit some of the bullet points of life in for me in REDDING! ;) Life is full and glorious. I'm continually saying that I can not believe the Lord loves me this much... to send me to this place for a season of intimacy and growth! I can not complain about a thing. I could also write a book about the healing that has happened for me. Irreplaceable moments I've had with God that have grown my root system, molded my heart, covered me in safety and uncovered my true identity.

Your support in prayer and finances makes this all possible. Without your covenant the fullness of this all cannot happen! Thank you for believing in the path the Lord has me on.

I have 2 accounts set up with Bethel for tuition support and ministry/mission trip support. The website is Click 'Give to BSSM' , 'Make donation to tuition and travel' and then enter my name! If your heart is to support my personal finances for the year I have a secure paypal account set up. Just got to and click on the paypal button on the top right hand side of the screen.

Grace and Peace,

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Prophetic Art for Sale!
You can capture the heart of God and release his kingdom through art. Last march, I went on a ministry trip to England. It was there, that the Lord opened up my desire to paint. He showed me his heart and it began to release through my hands. I had tapped into various creative outlets, but I did not know that I could paint. Painting with the Holy Spirit is a crazy experience. :) It's an encounter. He speaks through you and his kingdom is released through the creative! It's incredible. Our Father is the most creative being and we are made in his image. There is no limit to our creativity! Our inheritance is from him! Holy Spirit lives inside of us and we are all artists!

I am selling my art work. This album shows what Holy Spirit and I have created so far. Some of them have already been sold but I can create something along those same lines for you--Taking custom orders!  
I'm attending second year at Bethel School for supernatural Ministry; all proceeds will go towards tuition and travel.

Monday, July 19, 2010

2nd year at BSSM :)

Friends and Family,

As many of you know, I spent the last year in Redding, CA at Bethel's School of Supernatural Ministry. The year was full of incredible growth for me. Daily, I am aware of how much the Lord loves me. He gave me the choice to let him love me. He loved me so much that he took me to a place where I could rest in his presence and get to know more of the multi-faceted nature of himself. He has given me revelation after revelation of who he is and who I am. I have been equipped with much from my studies and experiences at school. It would be impossible to explain them all but a few are: peeling off the lies and labels I carried, a revealing of my true identity in Him, an awakening of dreams, and planting of new dreams, revelation of intimacy, revelation of love, time to go deep with him, daily teaching from anointed leaders, studying of his word and comprehension of the audience it was written for and how it applies to today, chances to preach from my life experiences and bring hope to others, acceptance/understanding/development of my spiritual gifts, bringing heaven to earth, healing ministry, further training in deliverance ministry, covenant relationships, personal healing and restoration, equipping to stand in the midst of the darkest things and let hope, peace and love prevail, testing of faith and being found full of love, encounters with Holy Spirit, reading numerous books on his nature, awaking my love of prophetic painting, revival, culture of honor, healing and encouragement of my family, understanding my inheritance, opportunities to minister daily here and around the world, networking of the body of Christ, wholeness, extravagant worship and the list goes on.....

I have been accepted to 2nd year! This year will be a chance to solidify what I've learned. I have learned so much and been given the opportunity to make it my DNA. To not just begin to understand and be open to it all, but let the revelations and experiences penetrate my life. Second year offers me specialized training and mentoring for the specific areas of ministerial calling in my life. The format will be hands-on and application intensive and includes periodic travel as I participate with ministry teams throughout the region and nation.

The year's tuition will cost $3700. My deposit was due last week and it is completely taken care of!!!! Thank you Lord and all for blessing me! So, the new grand total is $3300. $1850 of this is due by Sept 7th, 2010.

The school of supernatural ministry provides two accounts for each student. I have a tuition account and a travel account. One of my 'in state ministry trips' is included in my tuition. The rest of the ministry and missions trips I participate in will be in addition to my tuition needs and be funded by donations received to my travel account. It is my dream to travel much this year and learn and draw from the anointing of specific leadership this year. I will choose my trips based on the Lord's highlighting of the needs of the nation, the role I am to play and the importance of learning from the leader heading the trip. All to further equip me in specific areas of ministry that I am called to. :) All donations are tax deductible.

These two accounts are available at Click on Give to BSSM. Type in my name and then select the account you'd like to give to.

Many of you helped to support me during this last year through your prayers, encouragement and finances. I am truly grateful to all of you and I could not have served without you. I am writing to request, once again, that you would consider partnering with me. :)

The other account I have set up is for my personal provision. It is a secure paypal account. I am in the process of starting my own Image consulting business. This will allow me to pursue an important God breathed dream and focus on my commitment to the 2nd year program and travel. If you'd like to donate that way, you can just click the donate button at the bottom of this post.

I love you all very much. I am honored that you have taken the time to read this and look forward to loving this world together and seeing complete transformation and breakthrough for His children!!!!

Grace and Peace,


Monday, September 21, 2009

Head held High

i was making lunch today, seemed pretty normal. lunch. make it often. well, today was different. much different.

the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and I know i'll never be the same.

He lifted my head. literally. i felt lighter, immediately. i felt a physical lifting. THEN-my perspective of self and my future completely shifted.

It rushed in like an incredible wave. surrounded me. the tears came. Revelation.

i know i'm called to greatness. this is not a pompous statement. this is not self centered. this is not rude of me to declare. i'm awesome. ;) i am declaring this because the Lord, my creator, made would be pride if I made me. but i didn't. HE DID. i praise him, because he is perfect. He made me to do things that only I CAN DO. no one else. how dare I constantly declare that what he made is "unworthy", "not capable", "not equipped". how dare I listen to these lies. I AM worthy. FULLY CAPABLE. HE HAS EQUIPPED ME!

i'm beginning to remember dreams of my heart. that i've had for many years. That i've pushed away. i know i've lived a life of watching others doing the very things i wish i could do and i immediately tell myself "that will never happen for you", "you can love it, enjoy it, even be able to give people good advice in these areas...but... you won't be the forerunner in them."

are you kidding me? i've told myself that? NO. these are lies.

today, in the kitchen, making lunch--I literally stood there and went "YES. Yes. YES." THIS IS ME! i can do this!

i found myself thinking. holy crap, your dreams are coming true. i'm exuding joy. i can't help it. it bubbles to the surface when i least expect it. i just smile or laugh out of nowhere. i start to think and see endless possibilities and my spirit says "this is it. you're finally you. you've finally healed. you've finally accepted his love. you've finally hungered after the right things. you believe. finally."


during worship at Bethel, i feel my body responding to his love. my arms move my whole body engulfed in the whirlwind of his spirit. those of you who know me--dance and grace may not be the first words you would use to describe me. but in HIS SPIRIT-my body just does things I could never imagine. i feel a grace and i want to use my entire being to worship him. that has always been in my heart and in my mind wished that it could be me--the difference--i now declare that it is me! and i can do it!! i'm engaging in the truths of life.

i sit here even now and think:
" i can be loved. i can. wow. me. I-CAN-BE-LOVED!"
i'm actually looking forward to it. i don't have to convince myself. i don't have to make excuses or be tortured by past decisions concerning love. I KNOW REAL LOVE.

i'm learning how to rest. to take time for myself.

i've taken EVERY SINGLE LIE from the enemy, from 'mentors', 'well-meaning people', those who may just not 'get me' , those i may even 'love, ect and trampled them! Iiam not living under that EVER again.

if it's not edifiying, it's not Gospel. i live Gospel and Gospel alone.

The Lord has prophesied so much over me these last 2 years and it's all coming to be. ALL OF IT. I'm dreaming again. DIFFERENCE-I believe it this time. I literally can not contain the joy inside of me as I think of my future! I have all confidence that this is the year. I've been catapulted into my destiny. Not a single thing is going to hold me back.

The missing piece has come to complete me.

As I stand in a church, that teaches you how to think, not WHAT to think. A church, that empowers and always speaks life. A church that takes all of the questions I've ever had and puts into perspective that finally makes sense. Questions i've asked for years and no one had the answers. I'm shocked. This is christianity. NOT RELIGION. No controlling. No condemnation. No rejection. EMPOWERMENT! heal the broken hearted, heal the blind, set captives free!

I have learned so much in one week here. I CAN NOT IMAGINE WHAT 9 MONTHS WILL SHOW ME!

i've found a love greater than life itself!

i'm in love. yeah, you heard me. in love.

thank you Lord.

Friday, September 4, 2009

additional chapter-i'm writing a book ;)

My fabulous Family and Friends,

'There are realities created when we speak what God is saying. When we speak, the Holy Spirit himself is released into the environment and brings life. We release his Glory, there is a shifting in the atmosphere and things happen. Any obstacle to the will of God must be dealt with. What other purpose would their be to removing mountains with your voice? When you have an obstacle to divine destiny, you don't march around it, you SPEAK TO IT. The authority of God is in the voice, it's in his word. It's in what he is SAYING! Sometimes the Lord calls us to be active in our prayers. We find it easier to pray and then blame God for the outcome, instead of taking risks and facing possible failure . Many people pray in the place of radical obedience. When Jesus slept in the middle of the storm, the disciples woke him to have him take care of the storm, "their obstacle" to what he declared to be their destiny. That's not humility, it's not humility to say "Jesus come and take care of this storm", it's abandoning personal responsibility. I am not mentored by him to call upon him and have him cater to me, but to reign with. Not independent of, not contrary to-but because of! To reign with him--kingdom perspective. Kingly position, in the kingdom is the favor to serve more effectively in service. It's not a position of domination. It's not going over but coming under. A king's role is to empower to be more effective.

The lord shows us over and over that the kingdom is at hand, but it's a step beyond convenient.We speak to the demon, we speak against the disease, we command the fig tree to die. You talk to it-- Jesus models how this works. It's a measure of sacrifice. What you need in life will be brought to you, but what you desire (that the Lord has put in the secret place of your heart), you will have to go get!

This kingdom perspective of what God is modeling to his people is displayed perfectly in the story of when Jesus comes to the fig tree, out of season, and there is no fruit so he cursed it. HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO REQUIRE FRUIT THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE FROM OUR LIVES! He has grafted us into a system where the impossible is required from our lives.

We are drafted into an army who's soul assignment is to invade the 'country' called IMPOSSIBLE. It is our 'bread' it is who we are by nature!'

Now, I wish I could take credit for the above words. However, it is a paraphrased/my interpretation of a sermon of Bill Johnson's. SPEAKING OF BILL JOHNSON---as most of you know, but if you don't..... IN ONE WEEK, I AM HEADED TO BETHEL SCHOOL OF SUPERNATURAL MINISTRY in REDDING, CA!!!

The Lord has presented me a season to rest in HIS presence, HIS promises, spend endless hours with him and learn from his word, apply HIS ways and be stretched, refined, challenged and sent out to serve! I can not believe I've been given this honor. If you know me at all, I am a person who works 3 jobs and is always with people---filling each moment and very much trying to 'control' my life. In the last 6 months, the Lord has taken me on an incredible journey of healing and pulling close to him. I've felt his tangible presences and I HUNGER FOR MORE! I believe in his healing power and i've seen people healed by his power. I literally believe that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH CHRIST! I fell in love with the Lord and I begged him for more time with him. I felt his presence wash over me and ask me to spend that time with him. I realized that HE wants to be with me, more than I could ever desire to be with him. I was floored and sobbed at the thought. For days, I felt the Lord ask me to come to him over and over. Many other divine things happened and a major thing happened---the Lord revealed that this 'season' of intense worship of HIM and face-on-the floor time with him---would happen at BETHEL!!! I was worried---Lord, I want this so much--but I can not leave Thailand. I can not leave NightLight. However, the Lord quickly showed me how he was going to combine the both, continue my relationship with NightLight. I will be attending Bethel and taking an advocacy role in the US promoting NL with the long term goal of connecting Bethel and Nightlight. One of the ways being, bringing prayer teams from Bethel to NightLight 2 or 3 times a year and intercessery prayer at Bethel for NightLight and the issues of Human trafficking. SO the Lord was clear. 'I am in control and I have a plan.... if I was going to live out the plans I have for you---this is your time to be with ME and be equipped for the call I have given you!'

I AM SO THRILLED. I have never been given--well, I have never accepted--this season from the Lord before. A season of rest. A season of complete dependancy. I season to learn learn, grow , grow and grow in the LOVE of the Lord. I'm relieved and humbled and I will cherish this season!!!!

I love you all dearly and you have been my lifeline. I can not thank you enough for your support. I am asking for your continued support. If the Lord lays on your heart to support me during this season, I would be honored to covenant with you. I will be in full time school and prophetic ministry and in this time of rest, I will not be working.
I leave in one week-September 11th and The Point is to Serve is still accepting donations for me; I have broken my expenses down below:

The Point is to Serve
PO Box 91416
Sioux Falls, SD 57109-1416
United States of America

$1150 a month
-$400 rent
-$300 student loan
-$50 cell phone
-$200 food
$100 toiletries/household needs
$100 ministry needs

Blessings to you all! The Lord is doing a new thing and I pray abundance for you all!
love you

Monday, April 27, 2009

A new life--Redeemed!


Jar came to NightLight today!!!! She didn't come to morning worship... she didn't come by lunch.., but she came! We had no way of contacting her--she does not have a phone and we did not know exactly where she was living. Thank you all for your prayers--I know that prayer requests were sent all over the world for Jar and GOD HEARD THEM!!!!!

I am sure I missed some things in the translation---but I will forward on what Annie writes at a later time.Here's what I know:The very first night that Jar went to the bars to work, she was walking up the stairs of the Nana Entertainment plaza.... a dark, wet, sticky and cold back staircase to work.... at the top of the stairs she saw a VERY TALL FIGURE, dressed all in white, holding out his hand! She just stared, she did not know if it was a ghost. But, she thought to herself, in buddhism, all the ghosts and demons are dark/black and scary. This figure had light all around and she was not scared. About a half hour later, Annie came to the bar, Jar was working at and spoke with her!!!!!!

The first encounter, I forwarded to you last week; a recap is---Jar talked with Annie that night, explained that it was her first night in the bar and her mom had cancer. She explained that her mom was dying--only had 2 weeks to live. Jar had come to the bar to get money for chemo. Annie asked her why her mom would do chemo with only 2 weeks to live and Jar explained "she is the only one I have left. When she's gone, I will have noone." Annie explained to Jar about NightLight--they talked for the rest of the time Annie was in the bar. Jar did not take a customer that night--she was spared. Jar left the bar and arrived at the hospital at 2:00AM. Her mom had died at 1:30AM that night--the night she met annie and GOD. Jar went to the drug store and bought a bottle of medicine to drink that night and follow her mother. Jar fell asleep before drinking the medicine--she had been crying---and God sent her an image of Annie's face and told her to go see Annie. Jar called Annie that afternoon and Annie met with her. Long story short, Jar and Annie talked, Jar came in to talk about working at NightLight and decided to meet us to move in with me on Sunday. Jar did not show up.

We sent out a request for intercession and this is what happened: On Sunday, Jar was mixed up on the location for NightLight church. She came to NightLight--which is a few streets away from the church site. Jar then went to Jai Samon church, that is down the street --where we have morning worship. We of course, were not their either. So, Jar asked the guards if she could just go in and sit in the sanctuary. They said sure and Jar went up to the cross and began to talk to the cross. She had no idea what to do, but she just started talking. She felt like someone came beside her and wrapped their arms around her---she leaned against them!!!! She heard a sweet voice, neither female nor male speak to her. They told her that her life has value and that she is now on the right path. To just keep walking and good things will be shown to her. She felt all of her depression and sorrows get wrapped up and thrown away! She felt light and happy! She laughed!!! She was afraid that the guards would think she was crazy! haha, welcome to the life of a Spirit filled Christian!!!!! Jar felt the Angels, saw the Angels, felt the Holy Spirit----thank you for you faithful prayers!

When she finally came in and told us this---Annie and Pon took her into the prayer room. I was at my desk and Annie comes running in "lyndsey! Jar is here and about to accept Christ!" I ran into the prayer room and see this precious girl that I had ferverntly prayed for sitting in the chair. I immediately tear up, sit down beside her and listen to her journey. Pii Pon was explaining who Christ is and explaining to Jar all of things she has felt in the last week. Sharing with Jar the realities about how God values he life so much that he sent his son and his angels to protect and guide her. JAR ACCEPTED CHRIST!!!! She knew Christ intimately already! I love God! I do! She didn't need years of feeling Jesus to be convinced. She didn't need to be good enough, or do enough good things. She acknowledge the change she felt and the warmth the Holy Spirit brought to her and she wanted Jesus now!!! I watched jar accept Christ, I saw the Holy Spirit fall on her! Selffishly, I sat and in my heart, screamed thank you Lord for allowing me to see your daughter come home!!!!!

Jar also was walking down the street and ran into an old boss of her mothers. Jar explained her situation and the boss offered Jar a free room (she has to pay electricity and water) at the hotel. Only women live there and it is safe!!! GOD HAS FULLY PROVIDED FOR HER NEEDS! Jar will start with us next week at NightLight. FOOD, SHELTER, FAMILY, FRIENDS, LOVE and a new born-again life!!!!!!!!!

OH I LOVE GOD!!!! Khap Khun Prajaew!!!! (Thank you God!) If you can't tell, my Spirit is filled and flowing over! I love this place, I love God and I never ever want to leave his presence! May you be blessed by this story and desire to know the full heart of God!

Love you

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Precious friends and family,
I have bombarded you with the amazing things happening here in bangkok! I have been on quite the journey and it is no where close to stopping! I am writing you now to ask you to join again with me in this covenant through your prayers, intercession, and monetary support. Through your faithfulness, I was able to spend time at home for 2 months with my needs met, receive a plane ticket, year visa, and two months living expenses covered! Thank you and Praise God!

I am now at the ,point where I have one months budget left in the bank and not sure how I am going to be able to stay longer. I must share with you that my commitment to NightLight is life long. yes, life long. I felt God tell me to have NightLight be the base of my mission work and that he will take me many places but here is my home. here is where he has asked me to walk the streets and radiate his Spirit. God has shown me his children over and over.. and he has ripped open the heavens above us. It has increased, even since my coming, the needs that God brings us each day. We have been in prayer and fasting--asking God to increase our authority. God has honored that and he has also increased my relationships here. God has given me specific long term dreams and goals and roles to reach for and fulfill here. I had no hesitation in saying YES LORD!!! God has set up meetings in the future of teams and friends coming to visit and be changed by this nation and to change this nation! I have opportunities to visit India, Africa and Australia in this coming year. To learn about trafficking in these areas, to network, to evangelize. At NightLight, prayer and deliverance ministry is my heart. I am in constant awe of how God is working through us to free these woman!

I am attending the Glory school in Pattaya May 10th-16th! Patricia King started it--the xtreme love team will be coming to do prophetic evangelism and I could not be more excited! I know that God has much in store for this time!

"God shall release an entire generation of people who live by his spirit and love the object of the Father's desire--His son. We shall behold wonders in Heaven and shall call them forth to attest to God's glory on earth. We shall start to move in the creative power of the Holy Spirit, imitating God: ..the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were. -Romans 4:17.

He instructed us to pray out of the same union that Jesus had with him and expect to see results. But to move with this kind of authority, we must first encounter His desire. we must operate in unity with His heart. A storehouse full of resources awaits those who live connected to the Father's heart. This is God's economy--to call foth what is not as though it were!
(Shawn Bolz-Key's to Heaven's Economy)

I believe too, that God has called my generation and at the climax, one generation would cry out for the fullness of God's plan to manifest on earth! God promised that the bride of Christ would cry out passionately--in agreement with the Holy Spirit--for Jesus to rend the Heavens and to come down in the fullness of his destiny and glean his reward. So, for me and my generation are echoing revelation 22:17, "THE SPIRIT AND THE BRIDE SAY, 'COME'!!!"

I am enclosing my monthly budget below and asking humbly that you would pledge monthy with me and make this covenant together:

Monthly Budget

$300 for rent
$400 total for student loan payments (2 loans)
$400 for food, toiletries, personal care, laundry
$200 for Thai language school per month (for 6 months)
$30 for cell phone and public transportation
$100 for ministry/outreach (2 times a week each month)
$70 Overseas Missionary Insurance/Health care needs
$1500 TOTAL

If you would like to pledge, please send your donation to:

The Point is to Serve

PO Box 91416
Sioux Falls, SD 57109-1416

Memo Line: Lyndsey Christensen

Grace and Peace to you All! I love you!